Urban Encounters

Concert and performance

Transtango is a unique music, film and dance performance inspired by Urban Encounters. Composers, leading musicians, visual artists, film makers and dancers telling the story of the city, a story of people on the move.

Transtango invites the public to celebrate the powerful cultural transformation that is possible through art forms evoking the tango’s continuing journey within the context of today’s major cities.

Today tango is recognised around the world for its dance and distinctive musical style. But for those who created it, it was more than that, it was a whole culture, a way for immigrant communities in Buenos Aires to create a new common identity within the emerging city.

Tango is the inspiration for the project, as it is a classic example of how diverse influences from Africa, Europe and South America were blended together in the maelstrom of late 19th century Buenos Aires to form a new hybrid musical form. It was raw music, full of energy and passion that came in from the outer margins of society and went on to capture the imagination of the world. Born out of diversity, tango crossed boundaries of all kinds; ethnics, political and social class.

Based on artistic collaborations Transtango project offers artists the possibility of stepping outside the normal boundaries of their work to share this space with artists from other disciplines and other cultures.


The Transtango concert sold out London venues such as King’s Place, British Library, Bloomsbury Theatre well as at the Aldeburgh Festival, Birmingham CBSO, Salisbury Festival, among others

Funded by Arts Council of England



Artistic direction

Patricia Bossio

Music by

Marcelo Nisinman

Tim Garland

Jorge Bosso


Adam Finch

Henry Singer


Matias Gonzalez / Bandoneon

Marcelo Nisinman / Bandoneon

Eduardo Vassallo / Cello

Jorge Bosso / Cello

John Turville / Piano

Sola Akingbola  / Percussion & Vocals.

Mark Goodchile / Double Bass


Corrine Bougard

Dance and Choreography

Sarita Piotrovsky

Lighting Designer

Colin Maltby

Videos Filmmakers

Adam Finch and William Hicklin

Composed Sound

Andy Cowton

Pictures: Dancers Tara Pilbrow & Amir Giles for Transtango
Dancer’s and performer’s photographies: Aaron Davies for Transtango’s Performance at the King’s Place

transtango the concert UK