A collaborative work between Leading Visual Artists, composers, musicians, dancers, researchers and filmmakers

Sequences and scenes of personal disintegration and integration into a wider society and space experienced by immigrants and locals while trying to accommodate to a new fast changing place, are common place in our work.
Interacting within and across cultures exploring emerging convergences, switch- coding, conflicts and negotiation of differences, recycled memories giving form and meaning to a new shared space.
Dreaming cities offers artists the possibility of stepping outside the normal boundaries of their work to create a new space between artists from other disciplines and other cultures.

Dreaming Cities is the result of the Transtango project
Transtango is a multi-disciplinary performance started as a group of artists invited by Patricia Bossio to come together to explore the theme of ‘Urban Encounters’ using a multidisciplinary approach combining Music, Film and Dance.

The Transtango concerts sold out London venues such as King’s Place, British Library, Bloomsbury Theatre as well as at the Aldeburgh Festival, Birmingham CBSO, Salisbury Festival amongst others (funded by Arts Council of England).

Hereticus  -|-  Film -|- Adam Finch -Particia Bossio – Marcelo Nisinman
A Woman Turning Away  -|-  Digital chromogenic print -|- Khushna Sulaman
Society  -|-  Acrylic and oil on canvas -|- Khushna Sulaman
Aca puedo escribir la leyenda
Everyday  -|-  Acrylic and oil on canvas -|- Khushna Sulaman
Aca va
4.15  -|-  Acrylic and oil on canvas -|- Khushna Sulaman



Adam Finch

video artist

Jorge Bosso

Composer and cello

Marcelo Nisinman

Bandoneon and Composer

Khushna Sulaman

Paintings and Installations

Viviana Debicki

Textile Art ,Sculptures and Instalations

Henry Singer

Film Maker

Linda Pontoriero

visual Artist

Patricia Bossio

Artist and Curator

Clara Garavelli